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Hi! My name is Mayra. Welcome to Kitchen Witch Apothecary.
I wanted to start by talking about how I got into herbalism. My journey started over 8 years ago when I came across several health issues my doctor had no answers for me. I’m the type of person if something isn’t working I find a solution. I came across medical medium books; they completely changed my life from there. I brought in herbs that magically healed my chronic UTIs, Kidney infections, chronic acne, ovarian & breast cyst’s. Enlarged ovaries, painful mensuration cycles, gallbladder polyps, HPV.
From there, it was where my unconditional love began with plant medicine. I thought to myself, I spend so much time helping anyone who crosses my path recommending what to take, high-quality ingredient products to everyone why not make them myself? I spend a lot of my time cooking healthy plant-based meals the majority of the time. That’s where my business name was born. Kitchen witch! I named it that because I grow most of my own herbs, I make plant medicine in my kitchen with lots of love. All my plant medicine is handmade in small batches from my kitchen to yours. Isn’t that nice? It’s as if I made it personally for you. I take pride in creating plant medicine as I know it’s such a magical thing the universe created for us to use. Plant medicine has been around for thousands of years with extraordinary uses. Watching my plants grow brings me so much joy.
In my shop, I’m a one-woman show. I harvest, prepare it, wrap it, ship it, email it. I do it all. Any plants I don’t grow myself I source them from a high-quality organic company. My fresh plant material is organically grown. Thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy my offerings. 


I make sure my plant medicine does not turn into a pharmaceutical. I do not use high doses of alcohol as it can damage the liver. 

I put lots of love into my medicine. Made in small batches to keep its high quality and potency, as if it was personally made for you. 

I chant for hours while preparing your order which turns it into high-frequency tinctures and herbal tea blends. 



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