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Let’s talk about the liver!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The liver is one of the most ignored organs of them all. Everyone focuses on the heart and not the liver. If everyone knew most diseases start from the liver we wouldn't need to worry about the heart. Did you know a stagnant overburdened liver can be the root cause of your blood pressure? If you gave your liver the care it needs, it wouldn't be clogged causing the liver not to do its job right. Many Americans struggle with their blood pressure not knowing this information. What happens is, once it’s clogged the blood thickens and it takes twice as long to get the heart so the heart has to work twice as hard to help the liver out. It’s like drinking a thick smoothie out of a thin straw.

It’s not easy, right?

You want your blood to be easy flowing like drinking water out of a straw, not a thick smoothie. This is not just blood pressure. Diabetes, cholesterol, hormones, aging, gray hair, wrinkles, acne, eczema, psoriasis all and much more stem from the liver. Also, heavy metals get stored in the liver. Just imagine this— anything you have eaten from the very first meal you had as a child up until now is still in the liver. The liver absorbs everything! All pharmaceuticals, all chemicals, radiation from microwaves all pesticides, all toxins from lotions, perfumes, scented candles, etc are all absorbed.

You may ask, "Well Mayra I’m not sure I believe that. I’m healthy and have zero issues." Yeah, I believe you but just because you're not feeling that now doesn’t mean you won’t ever. I like to refer to the liver as credit limits. Like a credit card. We are all born with certain amounts of “limits” some can eat a hamburger every day and eat an insane amount of fat and never have any issues while another individual who is not overweight, very skinny has high blood pressure and cholesterol. That individual was born with a very small “credit line aka a weakened liver based on his parents what they passed on. Some might call it “genetics” I like to call it a copies of a liver.

Your next question might be "well Mayra, what can I do to support my liver?" My answer is to give your liver a break. Your liver is constantly working for you 24/7. It sleeps from 9 pm till 2 am and is struggling to clean all that you ate from even the day prior. This is why I don’t recommend eating fats for breakfast or even lunch. You don’t have to be vegan to clean up your liver but you do have to lower the fat which is animal protein. Too many high-fat high protein diets overburden the liver. So many by the time they reach their 40’s are feeling sick, tired, have no/low libido, hair loss, bone loss, stomach issues, wrinkles and it’s always to blame the hormones which do somewhat play a role but it’s your liver crying out for health. So if you can lower the “fats” down to once a day. For dinner. Increase fruits and vegetables. Bring in the herbs try my blood and liver cleanser and go from there. Pick a few days of intermediate fasting. Increase fruit shakes with no added protein Powders. If you eat meat there should be no need for extra protein. When you do eat animal protein make sure your greens and vegetables hug that piece of meat. I recommend blood and liver cleanser tea 3-4 times a day to start for a few months then the least you should do is 2 a day. Your liver will always need your help so this tea is gentle enough for everyday use and for long periods of time. I hope this information finds you.


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